“Before becoming a mother, I thought I would embrace motherhood with ease and tackle challenges that arose with grace. What I later found out was motherhood is hard, the struggle is real, but you don’t have to do it alone…”

- Angela Lightener

About Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted provides support, education, and resources needed to help moms navigate through the journey of motherhood. Life Interrupted strives to provide a safe, non-bias, non-judgmental atmosphere of fellowship and support among mothers.

  • Delivers High Quality Service
  • Helps Build Stronger Familial Foundations
  • Provides Confidential Support
  • Dedication Throughout The Process
More About Us

Our Main Services

Explore our services offered at Life Interrupted. We are here to provide you with exceptional service specifically fit to your needs.

Emotional Support

Life Interrupted provides the opportunity for you to feel safe and supported as you discuss your life’s stressors.

Personal Development Coaching

Life Interrupted develops an individualized plan of care that will identify your needs and help you reach your goals.

Counseling Resources

Life Interrupted has access to professional resources available to help you achieve and maintain your mental well-being.

Educational Services

Life Interrupted offers education on mental health awareness and treatment.

Speaker Services

Life Interrupted is available for speaking engagements from small to large groups.


Other Happenings

At Life Interrupted, we provide ways to relax, relate, and connect in a casual setting via our Mommy MeeUp and Pow Wow Wednesday's.

Mommy MeetUp

Life Interrupted created the “Mommy MeetUp” as a platform to allow mothers to come together virtually to discuss current issues and challenges in motherhood. The Mommy MeetUp is a safe space that allows mothers/women to seek and offer support to one another.
Mommy MeetUp - every 1st Sunday of the month

Pow Wow Wednesday

Tune in and join the conversation during our live sessions as we talk about different life happenings and power our way through the week! Pop in to get tips, discuss challenges, seek advice, and most of all connect with us!
Pow Wow Wednesday - every other Wednesday via /

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